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Shin Chan Nohara

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Kung Fu cats!!

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The Fantastic Machine That Found the Higgs Boson [GALLERY] 
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Microsoft IllumiShare is like Skype for your desktop.

Illumishare is currently being developed by Microsoft Research (MSR), and allows two users to remotely share any physical or digital object on any surface.

The device itself looks like a desk lamp (pictured above) and contains a camera and projector. Any changes to one surface are immediately projected onto the other. While it seems like an obvious concept that could be easily replicated with Skype, there’s more to it than that:

I remarked at how IllumiShare blew my mind because it was so “simple” yet elegant and blindingly obvious. He agreed but then went on to point out how you get to that point – by overcoming some real technical challenges - a key one being “video echo”. With a camera constantly capturing what is on your surface, and projecting, how do you ensure it doesn’t capture what you’re projecting from your surface and re-project it back. That’s where some very smart MSR thinking comes in.

In this video they show how it could be used to remotely help a student with a maths problem, for example, but I’m sure many businesses would find uses for the technology too. And if Illumishare is ever released to the public, you can be sure someone will find a way to play Angry Birds with it…


 “All the great accomplishments are hard. Nothing worthwhile comes easy but do not lower your ideal because it is difficult to attain. Hold the banner of freedom aloft. Strength.. Strength.. Strength.. Say that to yourself day and night, you are strong, pure and free. No weakness in you, no sin, no misery.” 
 A great quote by Swami Vivekananda really influenced my soul when for the first time I read it about 10 years ago, when I was in school. At that time I was not completely and exactly aware of the great and clear meaning behind this thought of Swami. But as the time went and I grew up physically, mentally as well as morally, meaning of this thought by Swami Vivekananda got hold of both my mind and body. Though I said that I grew up ‘morally’, there is still a lot to learn and acquire about.
 The very first line of the quote exactly indicates the reason we live, in fact why we lived and why we will live. Millions of years ago when the human species came into existence as a result of evolution from apes, we always put ourselves into something extraordinary to make a simpler life. For this our ancestors adapted, acquired various methods they learned from Mother Nature. It is still seen in human behavior in this twenty first  century.
 To accomplish our dreams, to fulfill our needs, to satisfy our hunger for being the most dominant species on the earth, we people are making days of nights. As a result of which we are having this fast, simple life, really tempting us to make the best of every moment. But all this was not a small process or a two hour movie where everything happens with the blink of an eye! Today all we are having readymade was once a dream of our ancestors they saw to make our lives simpler. They really worked hard to accomplish their needs and dreams. Charles Babbage invented a computing machine to make calculations simpler but gradual increase in the need raised us to the inventions of supercomputers. This all was not so easy and took lot of continuous efforts.
 But while doing so one should not neglect the fact that we all are human being socialized through the time and experience we ever had been. Idealism has always been a part of our life and will always be. It teaches ourselves how to behave, what to do?, how to do? and much more while living in a society. As it is not easy to fulfill all of our needs, it is not impossible too! Following the method of malpractice to get more and more output with minimum efforts makes oneself happy but does not give satisfaction mentally. And once we lose ourselves, it will be really difficult to get the glory and state back that we had before. That’s why Swami indicates the importance of self respect indicating the fact not to lower your ideal.
 Freedom of life is a great gift the 21st century man ever has. Most of the people have their own choice to live the life exactly the way they want. Freedom, though is the state of mind as said by someone a long time ago allows us to make our own choices for living a cheerful life. Living with freedom, in freedom leads life to a higher level of thoughts and creativity. We all should make a full of this independence and freedom we have. If we acquire and adapt all these things, we can find ourselves strong enough to put our mark of existence in the society we are living in.
 All these things bring up the confidence in us making ourselves feel pure and confident by thoughts and deeds. This will add that extra enthusiasm in our attitude which takes life towards the greater accomplishments cleaning the dust of misery we have.

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Artwork on the Artwork!!

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'Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall'

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One of the great things about Tumblr is that people use it for just about every conceivable kind of expression. People being people, though, that means that Tumblr sometimes gets used for things that are just wrong. We are deeply committed to supporting and defending our users’ freedom of speech,…

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A lucky friend!!

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